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Case Study

A Fortune 100 company based in the Midwest wanted to open a new regional facility in Northern Virginia. Negotiations for a possible location had come to an impasse. The company asked Lars Liebeler PC to take the lead in crafting a deal with a potential landlord. The firm reviewed the draft lease prepared by the landlord and redrafted several critical sections of the lease to resolve areas of dispute. The client’s interests were protected, but the new language changed the dynamic of the negotiations. The deal was signed and the new facility opened shortly thereafter.


A famous Washington, D.C. candy company with a history dating to the 1800s planned a new retail outlet in Suburban Maryland. The company asked its long-time counsel, Lars Liebeler, to lead negotiations for the terms of a multi-year lease in a bustling retail, restaurant, and entertainment corridor. The Firm met with landlord representatives and quickly hammered out terms providing for a build-out, and quick occupancy in time for the company’s busy holiday season.


  • There is no such thing as a “standard form lease.” Every lease should be specifically tailored to the exact terms of the tenant’s business and goals for the leased space. Every important term in the lease should be carefully reviewed and negotiated for specificity and clarity. 
  • Lease durations, rent escalations, common area maintenance expenses, and default provisions should be carefully scrutinized to insure the terms are fair and reasonable to both parties.
  • Lease assignment and transfer provisions, personal guarantee provisions, and renewal terms can be critical to the long-term success or failure of a leasing transaction. Retain experienced legal counsel to insure these terms are carefully crafted.  


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