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Case Study

Have you seen the early picture of a shaggy haired Bill Gates as he started his computer business in his garage? It is an incredible story, and it happens (albeit on a smaller scale) all the time. Our “garage” story is actually a “basement” story. Fifteen years ago a marketing consultant came to Thaler Liebeler seeking legal advice with respect to starting his own research business . . . from his basement.


From that very modest beginning grew a national powerhouse firm that now employs over 200 analysts and technical support staff and provides cutting edge market research to Fortune 100 companies. The client now owns its own building which includes a complex computer facility to support research activities. The company was recognized as one of Inc. Magazine's fastest growing companies in the United States.


We have been there all the way, to provide advice on corporate formation and control, hiring, retention and termination of employees, contract negotiations and leasing terms, and on non-competes and litigation matters.


Lars Liebeler PC views its relationships it has with many corporate clients as a partnership. We contribute to our clients’ successes by providing personalized, thoughtful, efficient advice, knowing that the basement start-ups of today are the business powers of tomorrow.


  • Lars Liebeler PC acts as outside general counsel to a wide variety of companies, assisting in every aspect of their legal plans and overall corporate strategy. 

  • We provide advice on corporate formation, management and control issues, employees, leases, vendors, and risk control. 

  • Most disputes are resolvable through negotiation; we formulate creative strategies to arrive at win-win agreements.  In those circumstances when litigation is unavoidable, Lars Liebeler will develop a comprehensive litigation strategy designed to achieve a favorable resolution.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies
within us.



Corporate Guidance

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